The story

Behind the pencil

Hi there, I’m Thalana

A former admin assistant turned creative agency secret weapon

There’s a reason you started your own agency, right?

You’ve worked for some big names and you’re passionate about what you do. Now, you’re building a brand that connects with people YOU like working with.

Your team may be small, but your circle of clients is enormous. Which means you’re busy ALL. THE. TIME.
The more you try to make the circle bigger, the more overwhelming it gets wearing all the hats:

  • Running your agency
  • Trying to get new clients
  • Competing against other agencies for accounts
  • Retaining existing clients
  • Handling the daily admin required to run a business
  • Your own marketing

It gets to a point where you’re either turning away prospects, or have clients asking for services that you just don’t do. Copywriting could be one of them. 

I know thinking about someone else writing your copy and having it sound like a particular brand voice is scary. Sometimes we as business owners like to do ALL THE THINGS ourselves. We have high standards.

I get it. I’m an overachiever too. We feel nobody else will understand our clients the way we do.

And maybe it’s working for you. So far…

But the power that comes from investing your time in only the things you love doing – those things you do splendidly – is like nothing else.

Isn’t it about time you focus on getting more clients, or just enjoying more freedom?

That’s where I come in.

The personal content service provider you need

You can call me the go-to person for anything and everything copy-related.

When we work together on your projects, I become your biggest fan. I ask the right questions so I can:

  • Get to know you and your clients.
  • Help tell the story in the target audience’s language.
  • Make sure all written material reflect your brand’s high standards.

My aim is to provide personal creative content of the highest quality so my clients can connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term team member or a freelancer to help with overflow work and projects outside your main focus, I look forward to helping you!

It all started at the front desk

I always wanted to entertain, inspire, teach and help others with my writing. Nothing makes me happier knowing that someone enjoyed reading something I wrote.

Before I became the pencil behind Naturally Write, I underwent various sharpening processes.

After obtaining my BSc Honours degree in Environmental Management, I worked as a studio assistant and receptionist at a small creative agency. This was my introduction to the advertising and marketing world. My colleagues admired my talent for spotting mistakes and inconsistencies in marketing material. Copy-editing just came naturally to me.

Eventually they started asking for my assistance in coming up with content ideas. It sparked my interest in copywriting and led me to do a short course in Copywriting for Online Marketing where I excelled, achieving the highest marks for the course.

After a few years of juggling administrative duties in the creative and environmental sectors, I traded the front desk for a bilingual proofreading position at one of the biggest advertising agencies in South Africa. But I missed having a creative outlet and decided to market myself as a freelance copywriter.

What started as a passionate side hustle has since become a growing business focused on helping others with creative, researched, quality content.

From pencil pusher to pencil sharpener

I consider myself a potentialite: a lifelong learner that has an interest in various subjects. When the environment changes, we adapt easily as we have a wider range of skills to bring to the table.

With my scientific background and years of experience in agency and freelance projects, I am able to bring logic, diligence and attention to detail to every creative project.

The great thing about hiring me as a copywriter is that you get the copy-editor and researcher as well. I can’t be one without the other. Thus, my clients get an all-round service, no matter what kind of help they need with their projects. And since I’m bilingual, I can help my Afrikaans clients get their message across in an international marketing environment.

"I want to see a portfolio first"

Of course you do! But please note, between all the NDAs and pinky swears, I’m not always able to share recent client work publicly. Head over to MY BLOG and see if you like what you read, or get in touch and ask me for examples.

Ready to Work Together?